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    Stop, Think, Make by Domenic Bahmann

    Domenic Bahmann aka Domfriday is a talented 34-year old designer, visual artist and photographer from Munich, Germany who currently lives and works in Canberra, Australia. His work has an understated style to his tongue-in-cheek miniature designs that communicates simple ideas tastefully and humorously. Domenic uses everyday objects such as crayons, matches, Post-it notes, and food […]

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    16 Surprising Photos Of Nature In This Year

    Nature is beautiful at the whole year. These are the nature photos from different places at the same time. You can see how all of them are pure beauty of nature. Nature world is something we must love and must live for. 1. Sunset by the Aurlandsfjord in winter 2. Aurora Borealis over the Aurlandsfjord […]

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    Celebrities line up to meet this 14-year-old teenager from Dubai

    Meet Belhasa Rashid, the son of a construction magnate from Dubai Saif Ahmed Belhasa. This teenager is very busy life, and it is not associated with the lessons. He is a serious entrepreneur and runs his own clothing line. Moreover, every self-respecting celebrity, arriving in Dubai, certainly looks to Rashid. Meet him is not so […]

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    Wonderful art of Physical objects as elements in a drawing

    The new series of works by illustrator from Prague Christian Mensah , which makes your drawings to look at ordinary things in new ways. In his works, the author uses physical objects pririsovyvaya them appropriately. Or complement the finished picture on a tablet with a digital pen. fficial website:

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    10 Stunning Instagrams by Edward Barnieh

    Edward Barnieh is a talented self taught photographer from London, who currently based in Hong Kong. Edward uses Sony A7ii camera, he shoots a lot of urban, travel, portraits and landscape photography. Barnieh has worked with brands such as Nike, Leica, UBS and Volkswagen. More info: instagram / facebook / website

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    Elephants from the pencil lead, Very Creative !

    The multifaceted artist from Nebraska Cindy Chinn  introduced a new work made of pencil leads. The composition looks like a landscape in which the family of elephants walking near trees. Some trees cut a separate piece, and elephant figurines, each separately. The size of each elephant figures 5 and 8 mm. Dunn composition created specifically […]

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    10+ Pics of Atmospheric digital art exhibition in Tokyo

    In the Japanese capital has opened the largest exhibition of virtual art. The sponsors of the Japanese studio Teamlab. Inside the 3,000 square meters installed labyrinth with light projectors. Walking through it, visitors can plunge into the atmosphere of the different, there are rooms with crystal and filled with water. Each room carries your scent, […]

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    Residential complex in Brooklyn with a European flavor

    New York studio the ODA, inspired by European country houses, presented a draft of the residential complex in Brooklyn. The basic idea was the compound of courtyards and walkways between buildings, while having equipped their green spaces, cafes and galleries. In addition, the roofs of houses to be used as a farm for the cultivation […]

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    wonderful Puff scenery of colored paper from Maud Vantor

    Frenchwoman Maud Vantor creates eye-pleasing scenery puff of colored paper. Author on textiles and fabrics specialist, but it turned out that her favorite activity was the work with colored paper. She graduated from Duperré art school in Paris, where he lives and works today.

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    In Costa Rica it is one of the most fancy hotels in the world!

    It consists of these tree houses. With a balcony overlooking the forest and mountains. Once the husband and wife purchased 600 acres of forest, destined for felling. They have kept the precious trees and began to equip a house so as not to damage the plants. Everything inside the houses are made of environmentally friendly […]

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    25 places on the planet, who will appreciate introverts

    We have collected 24 places on the planet, beauty at its best.. check all the photos are we grantee that you will appreciate all of them .. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany Settlement in the Himalayas, Tibet Reine, Norway Gasadalur, Faroe Islands Colmar, France Camden, Maine, USA   Bled, Slovenia Manarola, Italy Bibury, United Kingdom Annecy, France […]

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    Amazing Wine Cellar building in the shape of a giant razor

    French designer Philippe Starck , together with LAHAT architectural studio established winery building in the shape of a giant razor, which also looks like a sea cruiser. The body structure is made of metal and glass, and is immersed in water that acts as a thermostat. The total area of 2000 sq wineries. m. The project […]

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