Best Photos Of 2009 (Part 2)

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After the collection of best photos of 2009 part 1, here we present the second part to you.  hope you may have liked the previous post on this … check here the few collections after the jump …


A girl shows heart shape with her hands tied with green ribbons, the color of the party during the Worldwide Hossein Mousavi show.

best photos 2_003

The supporters of the candidate Hossein Mosavi being beaten up by the security personnel during the presidential elections in Tehran, Iran.

best photos 2_004

The injured supporter of losing the election presidential candidate Worldwide Hossein Mosavi being taken to the hospital by the fellow members in Iran. The election was won by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

best photos 2_005

The boy touches the ice sculpture of a polar bear, which melts and exposes the bronze skeleton in Copenhagen

best photos 2_006

A month old forest fire destroyed more than 250 square meters in Los Angeles. The smoke from forest fires is rising over downtown.

best photos 2_007

The forest fire in California,

best photos 2_008

A young orphan Faustin Mugisa with scars from a machete on the head and body is in a shelter Kizito in Bunia in northeastern Congo.

best photos 2_009

The Burning Su-27 aerobatic team "Russian Knights" in just a few seconds before the collision with the two-seat Su-27 near the Zhukovsky airfield east of Moscow

best photos 2_010

The Pine trees covered with snow in the flood waters in Moorhead, Minnesota.  Because of the severe snowstorms was difficult work of rescuers trying to help people during the most severe flooding in the U.S..

 best photos 2_011

Bushmen from the community Khomani San stands on dry land in the Kalahari Desert, in South Africa. One of the largest African genetics research conducted by an international team from the University of Pennsylvania

best photos 2_012

Bull with ranch Palha horn pierced the Spanish matador Yisrael lunch during a bullfight at the fair of San Isidro in the arena for a bullfight Las Ventas in Madrid

best photos 2_013

People pray beside the fired car in a radical Red Mosque, while the chief cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz makes a speech to supporters at Friday prayers in Islamabad. Pakistan

best photos 2_014

Huge puppets of Big and Little Giant giantess – Props for the French street theater «Royal de Luxe» and its presentation entitled "The reunification of Berlin."

best photos 2_015

Romain Grosjean (left) and Adam Khan (right) test cars Renault F1 in the desert in Dubai, April 9, 2009.

best photos 2_016

The celebration of 60th anniversary of the PRC in China. The Chinese military are involved in the performance of patriotic songs in chorus, which employs up to 10 thousand participants.

best photos 2_017

A old man waiting in the queue for food in a refugee camp near Peshawar in Pakistan tribal area of Zargul Bayur.

best photos 2_018

The stars in the night sky above the spinning chimney at the top of Cape Cornwall near Saint Just, in England.

best photos 2_019

The boy, suffering from malnutrition, lies on the hands of the mother in a camp for internally-displaced persons on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia

best photos 2_020

Girls enjoying the sunbathe, while the Brazilian pilot «Ferrari» Felipe Massa went around the track Monaco in Monte Carlo during the second training session of the Grand Prix of Monaco Formula 1.

best photos 2_021

The new offer – exchange old cars for new for economical fuel consumption. More than 700000 cars exchanged in Bettifild Ford in Culpeper.

best photos 2_022

The protestors during the 60th anniversary of the People Republic in China. The demonstrators trying to cross the police cordon during the protest, in Hong Kong.

best photos 2_023

The Norwegian Anders Jacobsen made its first jump in the third stage of the competition «Four Hills FIS» ski jumping  in Innsbruck.

best photos 2_024

The daughter of the legend Michael Jackson being soothe by the family members during the funeral of the legend of pop music in Los Angeles.

best photos 2_025

The slope of 20% to the rings of Saturn. Camera mounted on Cassini, 75 times removed Saturn, its rings and some of his companions, one and a half days after the equinox, when the solar disk exactly at the equator to close part of the planet.

best photos 2_026

The injured leopard in the neck with a tranquilizer is a residential area of Guwahati, India. Three people seriously injured, after the wild cat broke into the city.

best photos 2_027

The beautiful sunset behind the famous London Eye Ferris Wheel, in London.

best photos 2_028

Palestinian civilians and doctors are fleeing to the shelter during the Israeli shelling of UN school in Beit Lahia, Gaza Strip.

best photos 2_029

The old model taxies thrown in the courtyard in the Chongqing city, in China. They have taken this step to control the traffic jams and air pollution.

best photos 2_030

A Bengal tiger playing with the pumpkin in the entertainment park in Jackson, New Jersey, November 8, 2009.

best photos 2_031

A Palestinian man beats a tennis racket empty container with tear gas at Israeli soldiers during a protest rally at the Israeli border in the village of Bilin near Ramallah

best photos 2_032

The Ultra-Orthodox Jews belonging to the sect «Vishnitz Hassidic» dancing on the benches during the celebration of the Jewish festival of Purim.

best photos 2_033

The ring of water vapor created around the aircraft «F/A-18F Super Hornet», during an air show at Jones Beach in Vantage, New York.

best photos 2_034

The goal keeper Eduardo Carvalho from Braga enjoying during the football match against Portugal.

best photos 2_035

Thousands of people gathered to the farewell of former President of South Korea during his funeral in Seoul.

best photos 2_036

Belgian Milk producers in the protest against the low prices. They poured more than three million liters of milk on the field.

best photos 2_037

A horse ride enjoyed by the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the South Siberian region

best photos 2_038

Disaster after the typhoon quetzales, in Philippines. More than 650 peoples killed.

best photos 2_039

A unsuccessful Intercontinental Ballistic missicle submarine test conducted by Russia.

best photos 2_040

A lady dressed in traditional costume during the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year.

best photos 2_041

An empty wheelchair belonging to 15-year-old Patrick Ivisonu with paralysis of four limbs, standing on the beach, Cardiff, San Diego, California.

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  1. Best Photos Of 2009 (Part 2)

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    Hello to all our friends in the world I'm Persian and I am very happy that you depict these photos say to the people of the world ... Ahmadinejad, along with the name of his group Basij What crime is that in Iran And how Iranian youth in prison and the streets of Tehran In front his mothers and fathers eyes are attacked with batons

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    The caption for the 3rd photo is incorrect (bestphotos2_004.jpg). What is happening is that Mousavi's supporters have captured a police member who until a few min ago was beating them and now they are saving him from the angry mob. The point of this pic is the fact that Mousavi's supporters don't hold a grudge even though there were brutally being beaten.

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