Best pictures taken from the iPhone in 2016!

iPhone Photography Awards are handed out and we can look at the best photos taken with the iPhone in 2016. Prices are traditionally awarded already in the middle of the year, so we can meet with photographs that originated in the second half of last year. iPhone Photography Awards were created in 2007, when Apple introduced the first iPhone.

The competition was attended by both ordinary amateur photographers and professionals who frequently use the iPhone to save time and to their “guns” from Canon or Nikon also only when it is really necessary. The popularity of the iPhone as a camera is incredible, and last year the iPhone became nejoblébenějším and most used camera on Flickr, where their photo is being recorded over 112 million users worldwide, surpassing Canon and Nikon.

The competition was attended by this year thousands of photos from a total of 139 countries and eventually became the winner Niu Siyuan from China, with its photographs of the old man with his trained golden eagle.Interestingly, the winning photograph is taken now basically three years old iPhone 5s.

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