Buratti Architetti renovates House with underground swimming pool in Milan

Italian Buratti Architetti studio remake duplex apartment in a private house, adding a small pool. it’s a project that stems from the desire of the owner to turn a duplex apartment into his new home, one that fits him, his needs and passions. when entering, a very compressed space showcases all the materials that characterize the ground floor: smoked grey oak, dark heat-treated chestnut wooden sliding panels, boiserie, and a fixed piece of furniture lacquered in striped larch. following this area, the heart of the house opens, exploding the living room with a monolithic black raw iron totem that includes in its shelves a fireplace and TV screen. a big round glass table defines the dining area and introduces the stainless steel kitchen.

the whole ground floor is designed by buratti architetti as a composition of spaces linked to each other, never being completely divided, but being able to separate into different subspaces thanks to the moveable wooden panels. the goal of the project is to generate a large interior, not divided into single rooms but open and organized into several functions. as one passes the big shower glass cube, the user enters a more intimate and reserved part of the house called the night area.

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