Japan at Night

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On the night panorama of the Japanese capital is difficult to tell. It is perceived as a real miracle of light. It opens from the windows of the restaurant, located on 40th floor of the Hotel New Otani. Priniknuv to the glass windows wide, not breathing, looking down, no, not down, but siyayusche-pulsating distance. There, behind the window …

In such cases, you can hear the phrase “sea of lights”, “Skyscrapers, like a giant glowing pastels,” “Streets and Roads, moving glittering ribbons, etc. All this is correct, reflecting the essence of the phenomenon of phrase, but no desire to repeat them: too trite, hackneyed. And to say something unusual and hitherto no one speaking, – a problem, consider, unbearable, but I would like to …

Who knows, maybe it will turn you.  Japan is waiting for you with a sincere and warm hospitality.

Japan at night_001

Japan at night_002

Japan at night_003

Japan at night_004

Japan at night_005

Japan at night_006

Japan at night_007

Japan at night_008

Japan at night_009

Japan at night_010

Japan at night_011

Japan at night_012

Japan at night_013

Japan at night_014

Japan at night_015

Japan at night_016

Japan at night_017

Japan at night_018

Japan at night_019

Japan at night_020

Japan at night_021

Japan at night_022

Japan at night_023

Japan at night_024

Japan at night_025

Japan at night_026

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  1. Jason Collin Photography

    Very nice work. I like the color variety in the nightscapes.

  2. AnilC

    Thanks @Jason .. Its not mine, only thing i have done is collected and posted it .. LOLZ

  3. vanity_pride

    After seeing these pictures I am even more motivated to go to Japan!! ^o^ More than ever before!!

  4. AnilC

    @Vanity .. wonderful place.

  5. Bendesign

    Hi AnilC, beautyfull Pics! I like this strong sun. i also have to visit japan. very inspiring...

  6. AnilC

    @Bendesign .. wow thats cool. Which place u liked most .. and thanks for your comments. You will see more in future


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