Landscape Photos Of Iceland

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Due to the recent Volcano in Iceland which has become one of the major news makers, because of its eruption and ash covered with several hundred square kilometers and has led to the closure of British airspace. The unknown photographer, said it is typical for the temperamental terrain Iceland. Under the cut are some photos which may give some idea of the environment in the region of eruption.

Chunks of ice thrown over.

Landscape Photos Of Iceland_2

Sand and ashes made from a small glacier like a maze.

Landscape Photos Of Iceland_3

Tourists visiting the glacier.

Landscape Photos Of Iceland_4

The ashes of the volcano.

Landscape Photos Of Iceland_5

Ice caves.

Landscape Photos Of Iceland_6

The eruption of a volcano on the island in 2004.

Landscape Photos Of Iceland_7

Boiling mud pots with colorful clay, and geothermal springs, surrounded by a glacier.

Landscape Photos Of Iceland_8

Frozen waterfalls.

Landscape Photos Of Iceland_9

Chunks of ice thrown over.

Landscape Photos Of Iceland_10

The valley between the mountains in the National Park of Iceland.

Landscape Photos Of Iceland_11


Landscape Photos Of Iceland_12

Moonlit Night.

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    im from iceland and i hate when ppl always just show the pictures of the ice and shit haha

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    Is very similar than my palm too.


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