Macro Photos – Sweetest Hidden Enemy

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Here are the photos of pollen grass that is allergic to people. Hay fever sufferers can now see the face of their invisible enemy – thanks to these Scanning Electron Microscope images of pollen grains. A Swiss scientists named Martin Oeggerli, who uses the name Micronaut for his art, uses a Scanning Electron Microscope in his cellar to capture images of pollen grains. This picture shows a grain of willow pollen wedged between flower petals.

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_2

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_3

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_4

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_5

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_6

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_7

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_8

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_9

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_10

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_11

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_12

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_13

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_14

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_15

Sweetest Hidden Enemy_16

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  1. jmleclercq

    Great collection... !!

  2. nagaraja

    its wonderful to see that allergy is so cute to look at

  3. Brenton Ondrusek

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