North Korea Celebrated the First Beer Festival, And it was fun

North Korea is known for many things, but still in the mass consciousness of this country had nothing to do with alcohol feasts. However, on Friday, August 12, the capital of Pyongyang took first in the history of the country’s beer festival, which gathered about 800 guests.

According to the Chinese channel CCTV +, the feast will last 20 days. Festival organized to promote the local beer brand – “Taedong,” which is the name in honor of one of the most famous attractions of North Korea – the same river.

During the opening ceremony, which began at seven o’clock in the evening, around 500 guests enjoyed the local lager lager varieties, eating fried chicken on the fire with live music.

Cho Yong Nam, head of the General Public Administration Bureau, in his welcoming speech said: “This beer festival” Taedong “, which is held on the beautiful and enchanting banks of the Taedong River – a significant event, which shows the superiority and vitality of our original socialist system, fully oriented the people. ”

In 2008, the New York Times article beer “Taedong” described as “a full-bodied, slightly sweet lager with a slight bitter aftertaste.” Today this beer can be enjoyed in North Korea or in China, where he was imported in limited quantities.

Beer in North Korea began to brew in 2002, when the oldest British brewery was dismantled and brought to Pyongyang.


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