Tests of the new aircraft Samara

Airplane ASK-62 from Samara

Moderator: Samara gidroaviastroiteli – it is as a separate brand. It so happened that almost all domestic amphibious aircraft manufactured in this city on the Volga. Seregin Aircraft Company has started flight tests of his first child – six-seater amphibian ASK-62. For details of our crew went to Samara gidrobazu.

Samara once again confirmed that the number of types of amphibians developed it has become the world capital of hydro-aviation. Raised in the air ASK-62, developed by “Seregin Aircraft”. The letter A in abbreviation means the word “amphibian”, C – the first letter of the names of the chief Sergei Seregina designer, K – the first letter of Sergei Kostromina surname, chief technologist and designer, and a combination of numbers 6 and 2 lies surname Vladimir Shisha – the main ideologist and organizer of production new amphibian.

Airplane ASK-62 is made for three years a team that together with the deceased Alexei Anenkova began work on the aircraft A-4, 6 and La LA 8. 20 years of experience in the creation and finishing of seaplanes resulted in a new creation, designed and built in the approach to the AP-23 norms.

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