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portrait-bits.tcl The photographer Alpo Syvanen is working as a youth councellor in a Lutheran congregation. His hobbies are computers, photographing, reading and writing. His interest n photography started since last 20 years. He joined the community and has his experience in so many great new ways of seeing the photo-world. You can see his work at

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Alpo Syvanen_001

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Alpo Syvanen_006

Alpo Syvanen_007

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Alpo Syvanen_009

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Alpo Syvanen_012

Alpo Syvanen_013

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Alpo Syvanen_019

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Alpo Syvanen_021

Alpo Syvanen_022

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Alpo Syvanen_025

Alpo Syvanen_026

Alpo Syvanen_027

Alpo Syvanen_028

Alpo Syvanen_029

Alpo Syvanen_030

Alpo Syvanen_031

Alpo Syvanen_032

Alpo Syvanen_060

Alpo Syvanen_035

Alpo Syvanen_036

Alpo Syvanen_037

Alpo Syvanen_038

Alpo Syvanen_039

Alpo Syvanen_040

Alpo Syvanen_042

Alpo Syvanen_043

Alpo Syvanen_044

Alpo Syvanen_045

Alpo Syvanen_049

Alpo Syvanen_050

Alpo Syvanen_053

Alpo Syvanen_054

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Alpo Syvanen_059

Author : Alpo Syvanen
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