Unusual Buildings In Australia

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Australia is very beautiful country, but i am not happy for racism against Indian’s. All the buildings in these photographs were build recently, and i was surprised by the construction of the buildings, its architecture and its unusual style. The main set of buildings are built in Art Nouveau style. Their appearance is sometimes dumbfounded, sometimes surprising, and sometimes admired their uniqueness.

View of Melbourne from the platform reviews Rialto Towers.

View of Melbourne from the platform reviews Rialto Towers.

Unusual Buildings in Australia_002

Federation Square, Melbourne venue for cultural and social activities in the central part of Melbourne, Australia.

Unusual Buildings in Australia_003

Here is a series of buildings in which there are art galleries, cinemas, museum, exhibition space, restaurants, bars and shops surrounding the two main places of public assembly, one of which is under the roof (Atrium), second in the open

Unusual Buildings in Australia_004

Melbourne Museum is the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere.

Unusual Buildings in Australia_005

Part skyscraper MLC Center, Sydney. One of the tallest buildings in Australia in height 228 m. In its 60 floors. Construction finished in 1977

Unusual Buildings in Australia_006

Parliament building, Canberra. Located in the heart of the city building entirely hidden in the hill when you look from afar can see only the flag. On the roof of the parliament - the grass, it is quite possible to walk.

Unusual Buildings in Australia_007

In the form of the hemisphere met the Australian Academy of Science building in Canberra. Locals call it the needle, because it resembles an ice hut Eskimos. Among other attractions allocated tower belfry Karilon, vzmetnuvshayasya in the sky a triangular column

Unusual Buildings in Australia_008

Skyscraper Vision, Brisbane. 72 - storey residential building, floor level (review) floor which will be located at a height of 238.5 meters. Over 50% of apartments in it have already been sold.

Unusual Buildings in Australia_009

Webb Bridge, Melbourne. A single amazing project covering the bridge, causing a feeling of comfort and admiration for his entertainment, combined aspects such as security and admiration, artistic sensibility and respect for the concept of architecture

Unusual Buildings in Australia_010

Rialto Towers - a complex of two skyscrapers on Collins Street in Melbourne. Buildings constructed in 1986 after four years of construction. The highest is the south tower, its overall height, together with an antenna 270 meters, the roof is at an altitude of 251 meters. Just below the North Tower - 185 feet (43 floors). Inside the building area of 84 000 m.

Unusual Buildings in Australia_011

In 1994, the 55-th floor of the south building (234 meters) was opened by the Melbourne market overview, with which you can see the city in a radius of 60 km. To get to the site can be one of the two high-speed elevators, as well as one of the longest ladder in the world - 1450 levels. Every year on the ladder are organized race

Unusual Buildings in Australia_012

Rialto is the sixth highest building in Australia. Like most of the skyscrapers, the premises it uses for offices, branches and offices of various companies

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  1. Raj

    great pictures. I have been living in Melbourne for 2 years now and these pictures illustrate buildings and architecture really well. About the issue of racism in Australia, please dont blame aussies for racism. I have been living here and aussies are amongst the nicest bunch of people i have ever met. I think you have some hot heads who mess around and who give a bad image of aussies. Indians also look for trouble around here. There are some places where it is not recommended to walk around here even if you are an aussie. Overall, great pics Cheers


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