Vietnam’s Floating Markets Tankho

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Floating markets – one of Vietnam’s national landmarks, reflecting the ancient tradition of trade with the boats in navigable rivers. Floating market – this is a unique market, located in one of the channels, where every morning the traders sell their goods directly from specially equipped boats, and the peasants in the old continue to meet and exchange goods.

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Floading Markets Tankho

Floating markets Kayrang and Phung Hiep in the Mekong Delta (city Tankho, Vietnam) are in the course of half an hour by boat from each other.


We wanted to get on both, so we left at 4 am and arrived at the first literally 15 minutes before the opening. Of course, no doors are not here, just at dawn, people are starting to crawl out of their boats in which people live there, and arrive from the surrounding villages.


Gradually start trading, turning half an hour of sleeping in the rough. Local selling mainly vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, bread, herbs, flowers and much more. Visit these markets can only being in the boat.

Floading Markets Tankho

All buyers and sellers get to the place of trade in boats and rafts, which is brought goods to sell and take away a purchase.

Floading Markets Tankho

These markets are going all year round, except Christmas holidays of the lunar calendar, they are open even in bad weather.

 Floading Markets Tankho

River markets reflect the distinctive lifestyle of the population of southern Vietnam, which, moving in boats, spend most of the day on a river.

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With each passing day more and more tourists interested in these markets, as to certain sights on the Mekong River.


To truly experience the atmosphere of the market is best to hire a motor boat.


Even in these markets can sometimes be found Vacancies vendors or service personnel.

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