Wanna try new bike, Get this Unique Bike Lotus C-01

One of the most futuristic motorcycles Lotus C-01 was put up for sale on a car auction in Monterey. Created in 2014 by designer Daniel Simon, who designed the vehicles to such films as “Tron: Legacy.”

Lotus C-01 The name and logo are familiar, but the background to the Lotus motorcycle is murky. Today, Lotus is owned by the Malaysian car company Proton, which has licensed the naming rights to a German auto racing team, Kodewa. Interest in the Daniel Simon-designed power cruiser has been extraordinary, and we’re told that there are road-going prototypes running with a 200bhp version of the KTM RC8 engine.

The price is projected to be around $137,000—no doubt due to the plentiful use of titanium and carbon fiber—but the Lotus website is vague on a release date, simply saying, “We have received thousands of sales enquiries. We will respond to each enquiry as soon as we can, but in the meantime, thank you for your patience and continued support.”

Let’s hope this is one concept motorcycle that makes it into reality.

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